Limited Release Brands


Inti Solstice White and Red

The grapes for our Inti Cuvee Limitada are grown in the sun-drenched Maule Valley ("Inti" is the ancient Inca Quechuan language word meaning "Sun") and produced from noble varietals: a 100% Sauvignon Blanc, and a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. These are classic Chilean wines, with expressive varietal flavors that make them great with food or as cocktail wines, as well as outstanding values.



Inti Reserva

The Inti Reserva wines currently offered are a 100% Carmenere and a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon; they are exemplary Chilean reds, with additional time in oak to add a richness to our finest fruit from the vintage.


IntiGranReserva red-duo250


Inti Gran Reserva Series

Bottled in limited quantities only when the perfect fruit is available, the Inti Gran Reserva series varies in terms of the types offered at any given time. To date, a spicy, smooth and exciting Maule Valley Syrah and a deep, complex, and layered Maipo Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (both 100% of those varietals) have donned the elegant black "Serie Solsticio" label, with fewer than 500 cases of each produced.


Tapaculo Carmenérè

Tapaculo Carmenere, like its namesake native bird, is an outstanding product of our region, with flavors that reflect the valley soils and meticulous care of our estate vineyards.

camarina trio375




The Colchagua Valley has become an esteemed and innovative winemaking region, with a reputation for producing not only great reds, but world-class whites, as well. This trio of estate bottled varietals exhibit the classic aromas and signature flavors of wines from this venerable appellation, at truly outstanding values.

Kiyapura2012 SB375




Kiyapura (Incan/Quechuan for "full moon", which was a traditional time to share, celebrate, and dance) wines are Central Valley gems, celebrating the country's wonderful terroirs and grape varietals at remarkable values. Though pictured here is only the Sauvignon Blanc, two reds are also produced: Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Cabernet/Carmenere blend.




Lafken Single Vineyard Gewurztraminer

An uncommon varietal for most Chilean producers, but one that does extremely well in the gorgeous Casablanca Valley, Lafken is a true "garagiste" winery that does a stunning job with Gewurztraminer. This single vineyard bottling offers intense and fine aromas of ripe peaches and bananas against a floral background, moderate acidity balanced with ripe fruit flavors, and a long finish that makes it a delicious aperitif, or a fitting companion for Indian and Asian dishes.

Puna2009 SB375



Puna Maule Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Puna Maule Valley Sauvignon Blanc is dry, crisp, and zesty, with citrus and fresh herb qualities that make it a perfect cocktail white, with a wonderful acid balance that pairs perfectly with lighter foods.

tuesday duo300



Tuesday Night Red and White

The perfect everyday wines, certainly not just for Tuesday nights, but fresh and fun and easy on the budget. Makes quick meals at home, a favorite TV show, or time with family and friends just that much more special!